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Make Money from Idle Rooftops

In todays scenario, when it is cheaper to produce energy from solar than grid, it makes perfect sense to use your rooftops to set up a plant.

Easy & Convenient - Solar Simplified

At networkGreen, we provide the complete recipe for you to set up your solar plant without any hassles. Easy and Simple. Really !

Move to be Energy Independent

Setting up your solar plant with us, means less dependence on the Grid – we aim to get you to zero electricity bills over time, Start Saving from today !

Complete Support for Lifetime

We provide plans and options that make maintenance not your problem – takes all your worries away, to leave you to enjoy only benefits.


> 25KWp Solar Rooftop Plants
1-5KWp Solar Rooftop Plants
11-15KWp Solar Rooftop Plants
16-25KWp Solar Rooftop Plants
Solar RT Plant
Zero Energy Homes

Solar Plant 4 KWp

1-5KWp Solar Rooftop Plants, Solar RT Plant,

11-15KWp Solar Rooftop Plants,

11-15KWp Solar Rooftop Plants, Solar RT Plant,

> 25KWp Solar Rooftop Plants, 11-15KWp Solar Rooftop Plants, 16-25KWp Solar Rooftop Plants,

> 25KWp Solar Rooftop Plants, Solar RT Plant,

16-25KWp Solar Rooftop Plants,

11-15KWp Solar Rooftop Plants, 16-25KWp Solar Rooftop Plants, Zero Energy Homes,

11-15KWp Solar Rooftop Plants, 16-25KWp Solar Rooftop Plants, Zero Energy Homes,



Solar Design

An optimal and well engineered design to ensure your plant performs for 25 years and more.

Installation and Commissioning

We plan installations in a manner that is efficient, and timely, adhering to quality standards and managing your project end-to-end for you.

Equipment Procurement

We help you get the best value for money, using our large supplier relationships, and cutting edge technology

Net Metering

Ensuring that permissions, liasion and 100% compliance to regulations are taken care of, for your peace of mind

Financing your Plant

For customers, who wish to look at financing as an option, access to low cost and quick, tailormade financing options are provided.

Operations / Maintenance

Ensuring that the solar asset, works faultlessly, provides optimal output and maintained well, for you to relax and enjoy the savings

We can help you get to near Zero Electricity bills – Don’t Wait any longer

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Satisfied Customers




Mr. Saugata Gupta

Client with a 5 KW plant
With immaculate planning, our plant was set up from beginning to the end, in a streamlined manner. The plant was operational with the strong technical inputs provided by the networkGreen team. Kudos to them, that we have started realizing our energy savings fromthe very first month. Highly recommended as a solar procurement agency as well as installer provider.

Ritesh Bhattacharya

Client with a 8KWp plant
Thanks networkGreen for introducing us to the world of solar, and savings. We thank you for explaining to us the pros and cons initially - and convincing us to set up the plant despite our initial hesitation. Your financing plan worked well for us - and helped us make the switch to green ! We would recommend their services to anyone..

Amitabh Saini

Client with a 10KWp plant
The team that you can bank on - and they definitely put in 100% hardwork when required. Going solar was an easy decision - who to go with was the big question. Thankfully, we made the right choice - the networkGreen folks simply took care of all our worries and concerns, and installation was done professionally and promptly. Grt going guys.. !
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