networkGreen has a team of professionals, to help end to end management of your project, from system design, to procurement of different brands, and offering you choice of inverters and solar panels, and perform installation and O & M for your project.

networkGreen operates in Delhi NCR, Chandigarh and Jaipur currently. We have a network of installers ( vetted by us) in other cities. Rest assured, if we are not present directly, it will be our network of installers who shall handle your project effectively and in a cost efficient manner not just at the time of installation but post sales and service aspect as well.

Solar Assets have a long life, and we tend to compare ourselves on a total cost of ownership. We are cost effective and a quality conscious player, offering exceptional customer service. Our motto is to ensure that solar customers, speak well not just about our brand and level of service, but about their solar investments as well.

You are not alone ! Many people do not understand the economics of installing a solar plant. All you need to do is leave your contact details in the Contact Us section and our representatives will get back to you and explain how financials work and can benefit you.

An off grid plants has a battery component, and an energy storage component built in – while an on grid system typically needs a continuous power supply to function and does not have storage. It produces energy as long as there is AC power available – via utility or via generator / other source.

The main components comprise of solar panels, solar inverters, batteries ( incase of an off grid plant) and the mounting structures that are used for mounting solar panels on rooftop. The other components are commonly referred to as BoS in industry parlance.

We have to size the load accordingly – running one or two or multiple Air Conditioners is possible. Infact, any load is possible to be run using solar.

We have a tool that takes into account your solar plant detail, investments, tariff and the targeted return that you are looking at – this helps you arrive at a decision whether a solar plant investment decision makes sense. Take our word, in most cases it makes perfect sense !

Most of solar plant installations take 10 – 14 days depending on the complexity of the installation. We keep you informed of the status of your plant installation at all times.

We also provide you standard plant outputs in your region. This allows you to benchmark your plant performance. We proactively consult with our customers, if we see something amiss.

We offer back to back warranty and our excellent relationship with our partner vendors ensures unstinting support and exceptional customer service. Solar Panels typically carry warranty of 25 years on power output and Inverters have 7-10 years warranty depending on make.

Solar Plants installed by networkGreen typically last for 25 years and more. The plant will keep producing energy even beyond 25 years. All equipment is covered under warranty.

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