We are experts in solar plant installation, having installed various sizes from a few KWp of solar plants to MWp level of solar plants. Our strength lies in end to end project management of solar installation to keep you free from all the hassles of going solar. Therefore, we are best placed to get you solar leads for your city  and help you get in touch with the people who wish to set up solar plants in your city. We are continually looking for partners who can benefit from solar leads that we provide. Because, we care Рwe care about the number of people going solar, and we care about you to make more business and grow


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It is extremely important to get your site installation done keeping in view quality of the technical installation. After all, the solar plant shall perform for 25 years and more – and the performance needs to be optimal at all times. Our team of experts do just that for you – without making this into a hassle for you. Right from a third party audit, to a site design, and detailed project plan – read all about it in this section and our detailed process flow for each to-do item while installing a solar rooftop plant for you.

  • Assess the site, visit and create the blueprint for the plant.
  • Sign offs on design and project plan for installing the plant.
  • Material Procurement and Logistics to reach the plant as per project plan.
  • Installation and Supervision on site, adhere to quality as per plan.


It is important to get the right team to perform the services quickly and efficiently. We perform end to end project management to get you optimal results for your solar project. We ensure client satisfaction and help generate maximum returns on your investment, better ROI and a quick payback on your solar investment. Our professional approach helps us win more customers, and keeps you happy and satisfied while helping you Go Green !.

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