We realise that capital can be a constraint, when you are building your new project. We work with consultants, investors and financiers to help you get to realise your dream of free power, and clean power using solar rooftop as a means. We build the pre-feasbility reports to get you a set of investors / one investor for your building project and install solar – you only pay for the energy generated and leave the maintenance worries to us.


Here is a look at some of the solar rooftop projects that have been financed earlier with us / our associate partners.


Finance plays a critical role in ensuring the success of any project. Timely finance, cost effective at low interest rates ensures that the solar project that you are setting up for yourself or your customer can be a runaway success. Most projects that we finance, work on an IRR model, that has to be able to provide fair return for all stakeholders. The investor, the client and the developer – all stakeholders need to benefit through team work. We list below the key considerations whilst financing any solar project that are cricital for us :

  • Customer profile and the credit rating of the customer.
  • It makes sense for us to finance larger solar rooftops – size matters !.
  • A profit making, industrial client is better from a financing viewpoint.
  • A cluster of smaller solar rooftops can be financed – talk to us today !


It is important to get the right team to perform the services quickly and efficiently. We perform end to end project management to get you optimal results for your solar project. We ensure client satisfaction and help generate maximum returns on your investment, better ROI and a quick payback on your solar investment. Our professional approach helps us win more customers, and keeps you happy and satisfied while helping you Go Green !

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