Top Things to do to save Electricity

Every building owner wishes to save energy and electricity. Every houseowner wishes to be energy efficient. Well almost everyone, unless you have money growing on trees – which isn’t likely to happen in the immediate future even in this world of AI and Big Data and what not…if we have got your attention by now, read on to know the top 10 ways to save energy for your house / office / building …

Efficiency Improvements

1. Appliance efficiency – install only energy efficient appliances. More and more manufacturers are concenterating on publishing energy statistics. Therefore, it should be easy to find out and compare energy loads and efficiencies.

2. LED lighting – and preferably the ones that are dimmable. The next stage is coming and coming in quickly where you can control the intensity of the lighting ( making it intense and bright when it is required, and dimming it to save energy costs when it is not). This is a great way to reduce the overall energy load. With LED lighting, you are also ensuring that the heat load is lesser.

3. Insulate from the external environment – In a country like India with weather extremes, it is important to stop air leaks ( if you are cooling the insides). This may need you to plater the cracks, or install better quality fixtures for windows and doors. Every cm matters – and therefore plug that gap where you can. There is felt that is available that can make the gaps between the door and the floor disappear. Well, almost ! Lesser leakages means that your AC has to run that much lesser. And this can have a huge impact on your electricity bills. You can reduce the electricity bills significantly.

Solar can help !

4. Install a solar plant – A layer on top of the house, can work wonders – but the icing is really the solar panels that produce electricity. And can help lower electricity bills for your building. Solar Plants can help off set the utility bills – because of the free electricity that they produce using solar energy. Solar Panels can help save money for the building owner, with lower electricty bills. The payback period for a 5 KW solar plant can be as little as 4 years. The life of the solar plants is normally 25 years or more. Therefore, the building owner can enjoy free electricity, over the the remaining 21 years or so. If you wish to know more about savings via solar, you can also use our solar quick guide and solar savings calculator.

Think about the environment as well

5. Setting the temperature as close to environment ( as is comfortable) – it pays and helps you save money in case you are setting the temperature for air con to as close to the environment. What it means is that if the outside temperature is 40 degrees, and if you set the air con temp at 25 degrees, it can make a huge difference, as compared to say setting the temperature at 22 degrees. The air con can be made more effective by using fans, or blowers. The effect is the same – in terms of cooling. However, the effect of lower energy consumed on the electricity bills is huge.


In the end, we say – Measure your watts. Save the planet. To help save the planet, all of us must contribute. Installing a solar plant can help save the planet as there is lesser dependance on fossil fuels. It is also clean and green electrity that gets produced. At networkGreen, we ensure that the solar plants that we set up, are monitored well, and produce optimal energy post installation. For more on how our installations work and list of services, you can click here.

For installers, who wish to partner with networkGreen and work with us, please do fill in the contact form at the Contact Us page here. We shall be glad to partner and work with such bidders. We can work on expanding the residential rooftop in the services that we provide in the rooftop solar category.