A total of 8 MW of Solar Rooftop pv projects in Assam are to be tendered shortly in this coming month. The tender has been issued by The Assam Energy Development Agency (AEDA) and includes the net metering facility. The rooftop solar projects will be developed under CAPEX mode.  This tenders calls for all the installations to be done for residential segment and is therefore unique in the sense of creating wide spread distribution amongst installation and sites. There is another fortnight at the time of writing this blog for bid submission and the bid-submission deadline is August 29, 2019. The PV modules used in the installations have to be made in India.

This Assam rooftop solar tender also allows different bidders in different categories for instance :

  • in the 1KW to 10 KW range and
  • 10 KW to 100 KW range depending on which category the bidder wishes to participate.

There is no bar on participating in more than one category as well. The maximum capacity however, that any bidder company can bid for is 1500KW of capacity.

There is some preference for carving out space and encouraging state based bidders as well. Around 1 MW of solar capacity is reserved for bidders from Assam state. For bidders from the state, who wish to partner with networkGreen and work with us, please do fill in the contact form at the Contact Us page here. We shall be glad to partner and work with such bidders and work on expanding the residential rooftop in the services that we provide in the rooftop solar category.

For general bidders, from across states, there is a scope for bidding for 7 MW of the total of 8 MW solar rooftop that the tender envisages. One would wish to assess the overall health of the utility in Assam as well ,and their capacity to re-pay since net metering of projects is an important component. For general bidders, the minimum bid capacity per bidder is 500 kW. For entrepreneurs having a registered office in Assam, the minimum bid capacity per bidder is 100 kW, and maximum bid capacity is 250 kW.

Developers under open category do not need to submit financial bids, but they must match the lowest (L1) tariff quoted by any bidder for 7 MW of capacity. Subsidy equivalent to 70% of the benchmark cost, will be provided to the successful bidders.

We shall be willing to partner with Assam based entrepreneurs for various services and the tender bid prescribes the various services including

  1. Obtaining ‘No Objection Certificate (NOC)’ from Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL) for grid connectivity
  2. formalizing appropriate contract with the identified consumer (or beneficiary),
  3. design, engineering, manufacture, supply,
  4. Storage and warehousing in the state,
  5. Civil work, erection, testing and commissioning of the grid-connected rooftop solar PV projects.

We wish that other states emulate the Assam state in tendering such capacity for residential rooftop segment – a category that holds a lot of potential for dissemination of solar awareness to masses. Thus, ensuring that the take up for rooftop solar can accumulate and gather more momentum.