SECI has called for a new rooftop tender from global player for 97.5MW of solar plants on government buildings and rooftops. The tender invites bid for both RESCO and Capex mode for establishing solar plants.

The tender is infact an amendment or a revision for the previous such tender issued in Feb 2019. The tender is keeping in view the government of India’s ambitious target of reaching 100 GW of solar power by 2022. Of this 100 GW of solar power, about 40 GW of solar power is targetted via rooftops.

The main points to be kept in mind while considering an application for tender are the following :

  1. It is an online submission / tender and open to global players.
  2. The scope includes site survey, design, erection and commissioning of the solar plant, and operations and maintenance for the solar plant.
  3. There shall be 3 parts to the tender – A, B and C with 10 MW / 85 MW and 2.5MW belonging to each part. Part B is the only part that deals with RESCO – the other two parts – A and C are essentially capex projects.
  4. The key parameters for CAPEX mode shall be price / KW and for RESCO mode shall be tariff – Rs/KWh unit
  5. Lowest price shall need to be matched by other bidders, and as derived from the tender for setting up solar plant.
  6. There shall be four different zones for setting up solar plant for each part ( i.e Part – A, B and C).
  7. For each part there is a min and max specified which is as under
    1. For Part A the range is from 100 KWp to 1 MWp
    2. For Part B, the range is from 1 MWp to 10 MWp.
    3. For Part C, the range is from 50 KWp to 250 KWp.
  8. Notably, there is a local component for solar rooftop plant, and only local solar panels can be utilized here. For BoS, the local component has to be 40%.
  9. Fee associated with the bid is as follows :
    1. Rs. 6000/- bid processing fee with the bid for solar rooftop
    2. Rs 400/KW of capacity to be bid for solar rooftop along with the bid response document.
    3. The last date of bidding shall be 30th Sept, 2019
  10. There is an incentive of almost 12000 Rs. / KW to be provided if the targeted capacity for solar rooftop is achieved in stipulated time.
  11. The detailed tender is available at the link attached here

The zone wise details are provided below :

MNRE had also released a new policy for rooftops via a separate note and circular. You can read about the details on the new policy here

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