With the dearth of skilled resources in the area of solar and solar installation, there is a growing need to train manpower and fulfil the demand supply gap for the solar industry. In this blog, we list down some of the ready resources that are available across the country, for training manpower and youth. The courses help equip them with the necessary skills to meet the requirements of the solar industry.

In a country, where there is an increasing focus on generating employment and new jobs, the growing solar business and industry represents a unique opportunity for the government and entrepreneurs. The solution can kill two birds with one stone. The needy youth, who are willing to work in an industry that has a bright future, can enrol themselves in courses ( both online and offline) for skill up-gradation. They can learn all about solar and the electrical trade via these courses. Technology can be used to disseminate this knowledge quickly and effectively. An assessment tool can be provided at the end of the course, to evaluate success or failure / assimilation of knowledge.

Background and Demand

There is a total need of installing more than 40 GW of rooftop solar by 2022 as per the government laid out targets. We are well short of these targets at the current time. So, the need to aggressively expand distribution and install solar on rooftops has never been greater. In this quest to install solar, companies, installers and EPC groups are opening up new offices. While signing new business is happening, the need to deploy solar at this scale requires site supervisors, management professional and the required installers and electricians.  What is immediately required is that these people need to be well versed in the solar trade and what is required to do in a quality solar installation. While there are industry bodies which are trying to do the needful, more efforts are needed in this direction.

List of Courses and References

Here is a ready list of sites that can be referred to, for learning about solar and undertaking courses that can help :

  • Iacharya courses on solar
  • Suryamitra program run by MNRE and its partners
  • A partial list of institutes that  have been empanelled by NISE to run these solar training programs is also provided that candidates can refer to for learning more about this.

There is no better alternative than to intern with a company that undertakes installations and learn on the job. In case, someone is interested in learning more about installing solar, there are options that exist at networkGreen as well. You can check on the Jobs and Careers page. There are always some new projects that keep happening and there could be scope for additional training / employment here as well.

There is also an active network of installer companies and our partners who need such manpower for their project installation needs. We shall be glad to partner with such installers and provide them with work-force. They can be in touch with us at the Contact Us page here. We shall be glad to partner and work with such installers and work together on expanding the residential rooftop in the services that we provide in the rooftop solar category.

At networkGreen, we continue to play our part in training resources and skill building. We are also willing to partner with CSR Foundations, to help and grow the base/train youth.